This was a lesson that was just waiting for me to learn years back. I felt that because I had survived so much that I somehow deserved to be relegated to a life where I would always need to carry more pain than I deserved. Then I learned that just because I can doesn’t mean that I should. ?Ella


Anxiety is a thief. It is also something that is hard to explain or often be honest about. Sometimes when someone says that they are busy and it’s doesn’t seem like they are being completely straight up remember this. If you suffer from anxiety and this resonates with you please know that you are not alone. I truly understand. Feeling free to call it for what it is would help the extra anxiety that piles up because you feel you can’t subside, and will allow you to breathe a little lighter. Keep trying to speak your truth my loves. ?Ella


…and I love your big, beautiful hearts! I know it’s not always easy to walk through this life as a highly sensitive person. We feel it All so intensely, it only makes sense that in a world so messy we can begin to blur the lines. We just need to step back now and again, and cleanse our psyche and soul, if that makes sense. Wash away what’s not yours to carry. See your life/self more clearly, and you’ll find that the mess is just a reflection of a deeply feeling, sensitive, pure heart, taking on way too much of the outside world as your own. Boundaries, awareness, prayer, meditation, yoga, energy cleansing etc…. we should all find what helps us maintain a healthy balance, but please don’t Ever doubt that what you possess is absolutely beautiful, a gift, and makes you so very exceptional!! I know how incredibly difficult it can be, and how much strength, patience, courage, energy…is required. Many people who aren’t sensitive tend to think just the opposite of us because of these qualities. That’s okay though loves, just forgive them for their ignorance. They simply don’t get it and it’s not personal… it’s them not you lol ;) Looove You, my precious Tribe! ♥️Leila⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Partial closeup of a brilliant painting by our sister @kathrinlonghurst She is phenomenal. Much love to you, darling, and congrats on all the success of your solo exhibitions!♥️


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